Last Update: 2 December 2000

General Questions

What does FAQ mean?
Frequently Asked Questions. Look here first before asking a question on the list. That way you avoid the sarcasm and bad puns.

About D.C. ET

What does D.C. ET mean?
District of Columbia (aka Washington) Elephant Talk
Elephant Talk?
This refers to two things:
  1. A 1981 song by King Crimson on their Discipline album, with lyrics by Adrian Belew.
  2. A U.K. based website and discussion list for King Crimson and Robert Fripp enthusiasts.
And what is D.C. ET exactly?
A loosely associated group of people living approximately in the Washington D.C. area, united by their interest in music in general and the music of King Crimson and Robert Fripp in particular. The primary day-to-day communication between these folks is over an internet discussion group, which you can join if you wish. We also see each other at shows and parties.
How and When Did D.C. ET Get Started?
[T.W.]Robert Fripp apppeared at the Birchmere in December, 1997 and spoke to the audience for an hour afterwords. At one point he asked how many in the audience read ET. At least half raised their hands. T.J. Mathews and others formed DC-ET that night.
What other music do D.C. ET'ers like?
Whatcha got? D.C. ET'ers have reported going to shows as diverse as Meredith Monk, Metallica, Cecil Taylor, Yes, Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Shakti, Brian Wilson, Uz Jsme Doma, Either/Orchestra, Emmy Lou Harris, Happy the Man, Susie Ibarra, and many others. Some members, like Paul Weiss, Adam Levin or Joe Zitt, are in bands themselves.
How often do D.C. ET'ers get together?
Nominally once a month, sometimes more often, sometimes less. Stay tuned to the discussion group for more information.
Is the discussion group moderated?
Not really, but discourse is usually very civil, and trolls and spam are rare. There are moderators who can kick spammers and flamers off it it gets out of hand.
Can I post a message about something other than King Crimson or Robert Fripp without invoking the e-wrath of the veteran participants?
Generally, yes. However, please prefix your subject line with somethinglike OT: (off topic) or Non-Crim.
Are there any official dead threads or forbidden topics?
No... However, please avoid topics that will result in us talking past each other, like abortion or who the best guitarist in the world is. If you have strong feelings about some subject like this, write it up, post it on a website, and point interested members to it, inviting them to e-mail you privately with any comments or questions. There is little or no discussion of the private lives of artists on the list, and a general consensus that that's how it should be. Also, please read this FAQ before asking questions.
Is it allright if I post something I saw on DC ET to another discussion group, or e-mail it to someone?
Only if you have the original poster's explicit permission to do so, preferably in writing. 99% of the time, the answer will be yes. Unapproved cross-posting could result in seriously pissed-off members.
Is there a policy on vulgar language in DC ET?
Not really. We're not prudes, but please let common sense, civility and consideration govern. The occasional use of naughty words for emphasis is practiced in this group, and no one seems to much mind, but posts routinely littered with obscenities will become tiresome. If someone feels you're being offensive, they'll let you know it. So far, this hasn't been a common problem.
I'm too busy to post or to come to get-togethers. Is it ok to just lurk most of the time?
Sure - but please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.
How can I find out more about the other folks on the list?
Ask them? Or better yet, introduce yourself at a show or whatever. Failing that, some people have published profiles on the e-groups site, or have their own web sites. We're a pretty diverse group, with ages ranging over more than 30 years and a variety of occupations, educational backgrounds and so on and so forth.
This is an honorary title, like "Dr.". It refers to someone singled out by His Guitarness for their particularly readable and cogent internet postings or some other contribution to the betterment of society (or someone Robert acknowledges knowing).
Can I post stuff to this website?
Yes, if you abide by the freeservers.com guidlines and it's at least roughly on topic.
I have some King Crimson boots. Anyone interested?
No. And don't bring this up if you want to be invited to any of the parties where the beer is free.

King Crimson and Robert Fripp

We refer you to the Elephant Talk FAQ for general questions on King Crimson and Robert Fripp. This is larger and more comprehensive than we want to get involved in.

When have Robert Fripp, King Crimson, Crims, or K.C. Projekcts Played in the D.C. Area?
8 and 9 November 2000, 9:30 Club in D.C.
16 September 2000, the Trey Gunn Band at the Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore.
May 1998, Projekct 2 at the Birchmere in Alexandria and Bohager's in Baltimore.
January(?) 1998, Robert Fripp Soundscapes at the 9:30 Club(?) in D.C.
June(?) 1996, Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia
Other, earier gigs to be filled in soon
What does the phrase "Move On" mean in the context of King Crimson?
Just what it says, really. It originated in a Robert Fripp diary entry in which he encouraged people unhappy with King Crimson's current direction to find other bands whose work they would enjoy more, rather than hanging about and grousing about the fading of past glories. You can even buy a "Move On" t-shirt from DGM.


Where can I get a copy of Sylvian/Fripp "Damage"?
If you really want your own copy, your best bet is probably an auction site, like E-bay. Copies usually go for around $50.

Local Music Venues

Where can I find out about local upcoming gigs?
For near-term shows, the City Paper is a good guide. As always, finding out about longer-term bookings requires a little investigation and some networking. A lot of the good shows you'll never hear about on the radio. Try checking the websites of your favorite venues on a regular basis.
What's so bad about the 9:30 Club?
Basically, you have to stand and the stage isn't very high. That's a problem if you're not tall or can't stand for hours. If you're not tall and can't stand for hours, then it's really a problem.